San Pedro Program


Rewire yourself to a state of body-focused, mindful creativity, and hearted connection. Each monthly program includes:

· 100% Organic high-quality ancestral remedies

· 1:1 Mentoring Intro Call

· Pre-Form: The Starting Point

· The Microdosing Life® Guide

· Conscious Nourishment Plan design just for you by Nutritionists experienced in ayurveda, vegetarian and vegan diet, adaptogenes, fasting,…

· Entheogenic body movement and expression: yoga, dance, breathwork,…

· 2 1:1 Follow-Up Workshops.

· 1 Kundalini Yoga & Brethwork Session.

· Take part of The Microdosing Life Group with other souls from all over the world in the same thriving journey.


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Download The Microdosing Life Journal

50 copies Free for the first souls hearing the call

The extract of this cactus is a powerful natural tool for organic reorganization releasing energy blockages, tensions, limiting ideas and fear-inducing circumstances, while creating more space for authenticity, openness, understanding and physiological improvement. With the microdose amount of organic ancestral remedies there is no risk of having a “bad trip” or experiencing psychedelic effects, while you can connect with entheogens safely in your daily life. Ancestral cultures worldwide have been taught though clearing the path between the mind, making new connections, releasing old patterns, and creating new ones instead.


BODY balance

It relieves internal blockages such as muscular, energetic, mental, and emotional.

· Enhances relaxation and natural flow in organic processes (digestive, circulatory, …)


· Includes enhanced reduction of migraines and headaches, and higher quality of sleep.

· Depression, anxiety and stress significantly decrease.

· Increase of physical stamina and livid.

· A pure and natural complementary aid towards releasing addictive behaviours like alcohol, tobacco, controlled substances, food, relationships, sex,…


MIND Fullness

· Improvement of mindfulness, mood, and emotional regulation.

· Reconnection with empathy and openness to feel and express with clarity.

· It boosts cognitive function & mental focus.

· Memory-boosting effects, an improvement in problem-solving ability.

· It eases fears, reactivities, limiting thoughts, or fobias.



· Wachuma encourages self-improvement and wider extroversion.
· It reduces social anxiety and eases the relationships with others.
· Increases empowerment, sensitivity and openness.
· Blockages, boundaries and defenses dissolve.


30 days 150 € $ £
60 days 290 € $ £
90 days 430 € $ £

Also possible Bitcoins ₿

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While we make no medical or scientific claims, science itself is finally catching up to the deep knowledge offered by Ethnobotany and ancestral cultures in order to merge in our daily routines.
Listen by yourself to what nature has been sharing for thousands of years through conscious use of organic and pure entheogens.

We are a multidisciplinary team with years of experience in the facilitation of ancestral remedies worldwide

We have been long trained and experienced by shamans and doctors

We believe in the constant update of knowledge, investigation and development

For +3 months programs is possible to define a in-depth tailored program just for you

You will be fully supported through this powerful transformative process, before, during and after.

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