La Sinergia is a global multidisciplinary collective
of InVisioners assembling the business-to-humans ecosystem based on sense of the common.
From our Analog Digital Agency we deliver unconventional solutions and bold communication for those offering their services from the Heart.


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Be love

We have created our own social media capable of generating IN∞ Exchange Currency based on vibes, energy and frequency. You get INs∞ when:
+ Build your own group + Create a safe space for your community + Share, ask, comment,… within the collective + Create your own IN∞Exchange Currency + NO ADs NO DATA TO 3RD PARTIES Like Facebook but safer, clearer #Wealth4ThePeople

Integrating Consciousness
in our Ways

Fair trade, ethical commerce, sustainability, upcycling, zero waste, cruelty free, organic, regenerative energy, circular economy, psychedelics, holistic... Our collective of international professionals have years of experience providing organizations like yours the space, innovation, and dynamics according to the evolution in the human consciousness.

INtegrity INnovation Dignity

We believe in the essential values of life: truth, autonomy and connectivity for ethical collective growth. We've bolstered our ethical and sustainable capabilities to enhance the mutual expansion of our partners, our society and our environment. Sensing our multidimensional beings allows trust to direct our steps in responsibility, dignity and synergy.

We are

With La Sinergia Collective you're choosing to be part in investing our energies INto protect and nourish the wellbeing of people, organizations, communities, and the environment all around the world.



10% of what is being produced will be dedicated to Reforestation programs in South America and Africa.


10% of the full amount for the work done with LA SINERGIA can be retributed with our own internal currency: IN TRUST = IN EXCHANGE of your work, skills, product or service to the partners in project. Cause at LA SINERGIA the value is not in the money, but what we want to do with it as a cooperative collective.


10% is invested in the creation our own social communication channel, where people connect from the essential core of their true nature. IN is the creative energy of life from the conscious state regarding the profound aspects of this human experience. IN is fueled by the real value of the dynamics that shape the experiences of our reality.

We don't

We live in new ways of co+creating and co+living powered by a collective reGenerACTIVE energy in our social relationships, economy, and education called, TRUST.

Let’s connect and co+create something great together. Start with a Hi!