Microdosing’s Macromovement

Consuming small dosages of natural ancestral remedies has become big all around the world, and here is why.

These millenary organic tools have been used through human history due to their benefits at all physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. And as science evolves, these are being confirmed with data and reports.

It’s been quiet but also quick: Microdosing, which usually means taking tiny amounts of entheogens (dosage and period of consumption varies regarding the ancestral remedy) has spread in the United States, Canada and all around Europe, with a special welcome among the entrepreneurs, creators, directors and leaders of multiple companies. People say they are using it not to escape their everyday lives but to enhance them, the amounts are sub-perceptual, without the seeing-stuff side effects. The most common self-reported benefits include improved mood and empathy, better eating and sleeping habits, and less of a need for caffeine, cigarettes, alcohol,..

The potential therapeutic benefits of psychedelics taken in traditional doses. In Michael Pollan’s new book on the subject, How to Change Your Mind: What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression, and Transcendence, he goes deep on the science from professionally guided, federally approved studies that looked at the effects of psilocybin (that’s the psychoactive part of magic mushrooms) on cancer patients in significantly lessening signs of anxiety and depression.

What Is a Microdose?

A microdose is generally considered to be one-20th to one-tenth of a n entheogen. In The Microdosing Life we only work with 100% natural ancestral remedies in this format: ayahuasca, San Pedro, and in countries where these are permite by the legislation.


What it is: “Magical mushrooms” contain the psychoactive compound psilocybin. They can be eaten, brewed into tea, or coated with chocolate.

How microdosing it feels: About an hour or two after ingesting the microdose, people notice an increase in focus and energy. Many users find that it helps with weaning off — and staying off — anti-depressants. It can help lessen the side effects of withdrawal and even mitigate depression, and increase empathy.

San Pedro

What it is: A cactus that contains the psychoactive substance mescaline. It’s generally consumed in a tea.

How microdosing it feels: Microdosing San Pedro is like a massage from the inside. It reprograms the organic systems, promoting detox and energy flow. It improves a warm fulfilment feeling and relaxation, recomforting wholeness, and sensitivity.


What it is: An Amazonian plant mixture that contains the psychoactive substance DMT. It’s generally consumed in a tea.

How microdosing it feels: Microdosing ayahuasca can increase sensitivity and openness in users — many feel their boundaries and defenses dissolve. It is not optimal for work, as it can make physical and mental tasks slightly more strenuous and can make users feel passive — “It made it hard to answer emails, write queries, research,” said one.


What it is: Cannabis is a psychoactive drug from the cannabis plant. It’s either smoked, vaporized, or taken in tinctures or edibles.

How microdosing it feels: Cannabis in microdose form has been found to be helpful for a wide variety of physical ailments: chronic pain, nausea, inflammation, indigestion, fibromyalgia, PTSD-associated insomnia, even nightmares. But it also helps with mood: It can boost interest in one’s surroundings, creativity, happiness, and focus, while also combating stress.

Microdosing Dosage

People generally microdose once every per day or every three days, depending on the ancestral remedy, for up to 90 days. One capsule, with the defined dosage, is enough for having a sustainable effect — functioning better — and the resutls are felt in few days. Psychedelics are non-addictive, can cause a tolerance to build. It is important to integrate the microdoses in the morning and early afternoon, to experience the benefits along the daily routine. Most people continued to microdose only occasionally, on an as-needed basis — for an exam, a presentation, a meeting,…


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