Psychedelics as a Potential Treatment Option in ADHD

Microdosing, which features the use of sub-threshold doses to achieve therapeutic effects rather than a "trip", may also lead to significant improvements in some psychological disorders.
One such disorder, which this paper considers in detail, is Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) -a rather prevalent and persistent dysfunction in attention, impulsivity and excessive motor activity. The aim of the following Tesis by the University of Utrecht (Netherlands), by Iva Totomanova, is to review the, unfortunately still scant, evidence considering microdosing psychedelics for the treatment of ADHD. Indeed, preliminary evidence points to psychedelic microdosing’s beneficial effects on ADHD patients, and even mentions some who have voluntarily and successfully switched their stimulant medication with psychedelic microdoses. The paper also found theoretical matches between dysfunctional neural mechanisms and behavioral manifestations in ADHD and the subjective and neural effects of psychedelics. Microdosing these substances may even be safer and possibly more effective than both macrodosing them, and current ADHD medication. The paper concludes that rigorous research on psychedelics’ effects on brain and behavior, as well as their application to the treatment of ADHD is warranted, but also necessary to draw any firm conclusions about microdosing’s relevance.
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