We are pleased you have decided to embark on a journey to (re)cover the joy of love, and it is our goal to guide you through a safe, positive, and transformational life experience. 

Privacy Note: The information you provide us will be kept in strict confidence. Unless required by law or for resolution of any dispute, we will not disclose, sell, or in any form communicate your personal information to a third party.

Please note that our policies are subject to change at any time without giving priory notice.



All reservations require a 50% electronic deposit of the total retreat or session amount.

Your reservation is securely payable through PayPal and is your commitment to saving your spot for a retreat. Please note that a 50% deposit is due for each person attending, so in the case of couple or group each person is responsible for their portion of the payment.

Any person receiving a transferred deposit, must complete a medical screening and approval by our intake staff as is required of all our guests before being accepted.


The microdosing programs and Integrative Counseling to be fully paid in advance.

The remainder of your payments for retreats and sessions is due upon arrival in cash (as unworn and unmarked USD or Euros).

In the case of last minute registration (72 hours before the starting date) the full balance is to be paid before starting your retreat. The same policy of paying 50% electronically can be applied, however, the full amount paid in cash is greatly appreciated in this case.
We are not responsible for travel expenses. For this reason, we recommend considering travel insurance that has a “cancellation for any reason” policy so that you may be compensated through that agency.


· I am aware that participation in a retreat, session, program or encounter with The Microdosing Life involves the use of pure organic ancestral remedies and various Amazonian medicinal plants, which are traditionally used in the tradition of shamanic healing and actual holistic treatments around the world as support tools to conventional treatments.

· I understand that taking these plants may involve emotional, psychological, and physical reactions, and I agree to take part and abide by the Terms and Conditions in this document and any other instructions given orally or in writing.

· I declare that I am choosing to participate of my own free will and have not been coerced into participating in a retreat, session, integration or program by the organizers or by any other person.The decision to participate is mine alone, and is based on my own personal assessment of the effects, the exclusion criteria, the potential risks and benefits, the focus of the ceremonies, and the team at The Microdosing Life.

· The Microdosing Life team members have explained to me the processes during retreats, sessions, integrations, and programs and how it is intended to proceed. I am aware that I can ask questions at any time and can change my mind about attending at any time.

· I agree to answer all questions honestly during the screening process, and understand that I must complete all medical questionnaires and respond to all follow up questions in order to participate in a retreat I agree to provide all relevant information regarding my medical history, mental and physical health, and any other information that may serve to protect my health during this process.

· I have made the confidential disclosures requested by the Organizer and these are honest and accurate regarding my needs and condition(s). I understand that these will be kept in the strictest confidence. I reiterate my understanding of this by signing this form.

· I understand that this kind of retreat involves many risks, and agrees to take full responsibility for all risks involved, understanding that the organizer is not liable for any claims of injury/ harm or loss.

· I accept full responsibility for participating in a retreat and sessions with The Microdosing Life.

· I understand and agree that I can be excluded from participation in a retreat or session at the discretion of the team members of The Microdosing Life.




If you decide to leave your retreat early for any reason there will be no refunds and The Microdosing members are not responsible for any reimbursement of monies or for denouncements by the attendee. You are responsible for travel expenses and accommodations thereafter. We understand there may be some unforeseeable circumstances that cause you to choose to leave your retreat early. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer a refund in this case, but we will compassionately try to assist in arranging your travel back. Kindly note that our staff is not beholden to do so however, and that you will be responsible for any expenses incurred during your travel back.

In the case of being late to your event, you may join and finish out the remaining amount of time at our discretion.
In the event of extreme delays, such as weather affecting your flight, please contact our staff as soon as you are aware. We will do our best to accommodate extenuating circumstances at our discretion, but please note we are unable to prorate any missed days and you are responsible for any additional expenses. You may choose to use your initial 50% deposit towards a future retreat instead, as space allows.
We are committed to providing a safe and loving atmosphere at all of our events online and offline. As participant you agree to respect all individuals at all times.  Offences we consider intolerable that will lead to expulsion without a refund:
· Sexual harassment towards any guest or staff
· Behaviour that puts your or another’s safety at risk
· Bringing or consuming any substances/drugs
· Possession of or threatening another with any weapon
· Disruptive, aggressive, or abrasive behaviour that creates discomfort or interferes with the healing process of other guests
· Theft
We appreciate you committing to contributing to respectful, constructive, and loving spaces for yourself and your fellow guests.
If the Participant is found to possess prescription drugs that have not been approved by the Organizer prior to their arrival, street drugs, or alcohol,  the Organizer reserves the right to deny them entry and/or the retreat or expel them from the retreat without prior notice, responsibility for a refund. 
We reserve the right to not accept guests. For your safety and others, we may choose to refuse admittance at our discretion. In this case (with the exception of having committed any of the offences listed in number 7) you will be refunded any amount paid toward your retreat.



Return policy

There are no refunds available. For cancellation, however in the event of canceling with the intent of rescheduling for yourself, please be in contact with our staff as soon as you aware (at least with 3 days).

An electronic deposit cannot be applied towards any remaining balance, for yourself or for another guest. Balances due at the start of any retreat are required to be paid in cash.

If we must cancel the event or program is to unforeseen circumstances (such as natural disaster or political unrest) we will refund the amount that has been paid or apply it towards a future retreat as space allows.

We reserve the right to withhold any event or program if deemed medically unsafe or at our discretion.

For the safety of all our guests, it is utterly important that you are current and honest with any and all of the medical conditions, medications, herbs or supplements you may have or are taking. A medical assessment will be completed by our intake coordinator before acceptance to ensure compatibility with the plant medicines offered. This is not a replacement for consulting with your primary care provider.

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Contacting Us

If there are any questions regarding this informations, contact us: themicrodosinglife@gmail.com