The Ayahuasca Manifesto: The Door of Perception

It is time to embrace Humanity with my healing, extending beyond the Amazon basin, reaching global expansion, spreading through all the soils of tropical climates, growing in every forest, in every sidewalk, in every house garden. Care about me, harvest me, spread me around.

Warriors of Light from Around the World…… We are all connected, one vision, one frequency, one love…


  1. Presentation 
    2. My Role in the Expansion of the Human
    3. My Purpose with the Human Beings
    4. About Respect and My Sacred Nature
    5. About the Ayahuasca Churches
    6. The Benefits of My Use 
    7. The People of My World 
    8. Create Awareness of Your Pineal Gland
    9. The Hallucination is Spectacle, The Vision is
    10. Universal Guide for Conducting an Ayahuasca
    11. About the Quality of Facilitators or Shamans
    12. Preparations, Precautions and Diets 
    13. Traffic and Management of My Sacrament
    14. Social Impact and Controls in Urban Society 
    15. The Urgency of Ayahuasca Preservation
    16. My Planetary Mission
    17. Blessings

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