Huachuma and Alcoholism: The Ancient Remedy

The incredible heart-spaced vibration of Huachuma is an ideal companion to folks recovering from any addiction, with the special potency of healing the wound of alcoholism.

An addiction to alcohol is almost always born from two core wounds: One, a broken heart – from trauma, from disappointment in the reality of the world, from the profound intensity of our polarizing, conflict filled world – and two, the belief that it is not safe to feel our emotions.

With an alcohol addiction there is the tendancy to gravitate to libations because they calm the nervous system, and numb into a false send of joy. What Huachuma helps to realize is that there is no escaping the reality of how sensitive we all are – we simply need to learn how to navigate our emotions in a safe and fulfilling way.

This cactus is cherished by the Andean people as a powerful medicine, a sacred teacher, healer plant, and a doorway to the spiritual world. A “master” plant of the psychoactive kind, San Pedro cactus, otherwise known as Wachuma grows all over the Sacred Valley. Containing mescaline (like its northern cousin Peyote), San Pedro has been used for centuries to ignite spiritual, mental and emotional healing. Gentle in its action, San Pedro opens the heart, engendering a feeling of bliss, love and harmony. It facilitates transformation in a manner that is both nurturing and compassionate and invites you to see through your limitations and false beliefs to the truth of who you really are.

Huachuma helps to heal alcoholism by creating an unbreakable connection to our hearts. He emphatically teaches us that the only way to release an uncomfortable emotion is to actually feel it, and he doesn’t allow a back door, numbed-out avoidance. Rather, he gives us the experience of liberation by lovingly supporting us through the feeling process, and bringing us to the incredible freedom that awaits any brave soul who is willing to deal with what is.

Furthermore, working with Huachuma brings in a cellular awareness that feeling emotions is in fact safe. Most of us were taught at some point in our childhood that it wasn’t safe to be authentic and emotional, and so we began to negotiate, repress, and deny the complexities that flowed through us. Huachuma unravels that trauma and energetically holds our hands as we learn how safe it is to feel.

Each ceremony with Wachuma (San Pedro ) produces a gentle yet profound shift in consciousness, helping us to cleanse and heal the wounds of the past while opening us to a more heart centered and conscious way of being.

This is a game-changer for most alcoholics, because it’s really what we always wanted; to feel empowered and capable to handle our grief, our fear, our anger, and our sadness. Huachuma teaches through experience, not through words or lecturing, so this profound awareness can be anchored into the deepest part of us.

A feeling of universal belonging—the sense that we are all one—is common. Uniquely, many users report that the Huachuma presents them with “tests” that teach valuable lessons. Practitioners often report a deep and heightened perception of the world as it truly is. For those struggling to know themselves or understand others, Huachuma presents a unique way to specifically explore your inner psyche and your greater place in the world.

Huachuma shows the limited programming, reflects the divine power, and is a constant ally of support and unconditional love.

There is no need to escape any state of consciousness, and therefore addiction has been replaced by empowerment, celebration, and self-love.